Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers! Today some psychologists notice people about new addictions problems like mobile addictions internet, gambling addictions and etc. Addiction and Binary Option mean you do something unusually and more than the other people in this behavior. When you don’t do it, you will have a bad feeling. Sometimes you are angry sometimes you are sad and etc. In the other hand if you have uncontrollable behaviors you become addicted.

Am I Addicted to Forex or Binary Options Trading?

First, and most important question is how much time you will trade being addicted?

If you spend more than 4 hours on a day just for trading even Forex trading or binary options trading, you have big potential to become an addiction.

Sometimes you don’t spend all your time for trading but you are surfing the internet go to the chat rooms through your trading in this situation you should think about another addiction I mean internet addiction or computer addiction, unfortunately, it seems that a trader addicted have two or three addiction problems together I mean computer, internet and trading addiction

binomo Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

I can’t control myself when I see a computer! Or laptop or smartphone!

If above sentence is true about you don’t doubt that you are addicted!

Am I Addicted to Binary Options or Simply it is an Internet Addiction?

Just do a simple test to understand you have an internet addiction or binary option addiction.

Remove your trading software and just surf the internet without trading. And doesn’t search for Forex or binary option, does another search surf the internet about another subject for 2 days, not on holidays. You should do it when the market is open after 2 days if you had a bad feeling or if you tempting most time to trade binary option or search for binary option. You are binary option addicted not the internet addicted. Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

Another test is open your trading software or web browser just for looking at the market and test yourself can you just look at the market movement without trading?!

In brief, an addicted person is a person who can’t control himself when face with his favorites situation if you can control your behavior you are not addicted. Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

Why Some People Become Addicted?

Some traders trade binary option for fun only they have a good job and they earn money sometimes they trade on binary option just because this market is engrossing for them this kind of traders will not become addicted very soon.

Other traders trade binary option just to earn money they try to become rich or millionaire! These traders have a big potential to become addicted. The forex or binary option advertisement is very attractive for these people.

We have middle trader too! middle trader I mean the trader who trade binary option to earn money but they have other jobs too they don’t trade binary option for their life costs! Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

Most people prefer that to have their own job, not to a company or a boss. in binary options trading, you can earn money very fast. it will increase your greedy sense! when you become greedy you want to earn more and more you will try to make a lot of trade earn huge money!

Regardless that about traders type all traders can become addicted.

 Answer these questions about yourself:

1-Do you like trade always?

2- Do you have a lot of dream about the binary option when you are sleeping?

3- Do you become very angry when you lose?

4- Do you become very excited when you earn the profit?

5- Are you talking about binary option a lot with your friends or wife or etc.?

6- Will you deposit very fast if you lose all your money?!

7- Will you hold your pee and just look at the market?!

8- Will you become hungry and don’t leave market?!

9- Will you eat your breakfast or lunch on your desktop?!

10- Do you have bad filling when don’t know the market price?!

11- Do you lose a lot of money frequently?!

I can write another question too anyhow if your answer about five of them is yes you become binary option addicted! try to cure yourself. Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

There are several simple ways that are highly recommended:

1-Just leave the market for a while for example 2 weeks. Don’t worry you have enough time to lose your extra money.

2- When you leave the market, try to learn more. I mean learning binary option trading strategies or watch movies, read articles but don’t trade.

3- Another suggestion has set to specify the time for your trading for example 10 AM to 12 AM it will help you to stop Forex binary option addictions.

4- Try to trade with your friends

If you have binary traders friend, invite them and try to make trading with them in this situation. You are not alone and they will help you so you will help them to decrease emotional trading. When your emotion decreased, you will solve your addiction problem too.

5-Withdraw all your money from your account.  When you withdraw all your money then the market movement will not tempt you to trade again!

Binary Options Trading: Addiction and Dangers

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