Ontology Crypto Review – In Which Way Work

Ontology Crypto Review – In Which Way Work

Ontology was made From the Chinese firm Onchain at 2017 and also has a close affiliation and planned interoperability using all the NEO platform. The platform encourages technical community proposals, suggestions, and research to help enhance and maintain the platform.

Ontology is a Blockchain/distributed ledger network that combines a distributed identity system, dispersed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, dispersed procedure protocols, dispersed communities, dispersed attestation, and various industry-specific modules. Together this builds the infrastructure to get a peer-to-peer trust system which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device.


Ontology is a Next-generation, people, multi-chain platform that intends to supply one, decentralized trust ecosystem by using a decoupled distributed ledger structure, combined with a decentralized trust framework. By implementing a series of protocol criteria and decentralized management modules, Ontology produces an open and standardized platform which supports a large number of industries and connects them to blockchain based solutions through an interactive and collaborative atmosphere.

With significant advancements over the past couple of years from cryptography and decentralized protocols, a fresh wave of platforms has slowly surfaced as possible improvements over present systems. Ontology functions as a deep chance to capitalize on these developments as a platform that can scale efficiently and help progress the trustless and decentralized nature of the net.

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